Simple Clean - The ultimate softener companion

Cleaner, clearer, softer water

Intermountain Soft Water is committed to providing you with the very best water at the very best price. The Simplicity series of home water improvement solutions gives you simple solutions to complex water problems—Simple to choose, simple to own, simple to maintain, and easy to afford.Simple Clean - The Ultimate Water Softener Companion

Since you already own a water softener, nobody needs to tell you that soft water is the best first step to take in protecting your home and your family from the inorganic metals and minerals that are found in hard city water. Hardness minerals and chlorine not only attack appliances and fixtures, but they also can cause damage to skin and hair. Skin can lose natural moisture & elasticity, becoming dull and itchy. Hair can also become dry and lifeless when exposed to hardness minerals and chlorine.

Simple Clean is designed to be your water softener’s very best friend, delivering water to your home that is cleaner, clearer and feels even softer than any water softener on its own. Simple Clean further addresses chlorine and its toxic byproducts and even particulates in your water by utilizing simple eco-friendly natural methods.

Simple Clean is surprisingly affordable and finally available in Utah.

  • Works in all homes
  • Earth-Friendly Technology
  • No Wasted Water or Electricity
  • Works with all water softeners
  • Cleaner, Clearer, Softer Water
  • Addresses Chlorine & byproducts
  • Removes unpleasant tastes & odors
  • High Flow Design
  • Anti-Bacterial Technology
  • Made in the USA


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Simple Solutions to Complex Water Problems — Since 1966


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