Purafeel Technology was developed in response to the two most common consumer complaints about soft water:-

“Soft Water Tastes Awful & Soft Water Feels Slimy”


In 1995, at the behest of Robert Rowley, the Purafeel project was commissioned to develop a water softener that could produce water that wasn’t slimy and that actually tasted reasonable.

After many years of R&D, Intermountain Water’s in-house engineering staff and outsourced intellectual assets realized that a softener was simply not capable of fulfilling the design criteria.

The Purafeel project resulted in the development of a number of core technologies, including Hydrolyte 525-3 structured matrix ion-exchange resin media, chlorgon media and pur-gard.

The synergy of the Purafeel project culminated in the Empowered Home Water Filtration System, which has now evolved into the home empowered water system.

Purafeel technology is controlled by the EvertechTM Control center that was developed by Intermountain Water to ensure precise control of when the system cleans, how it cleans and precise regulation of Pur-gard injection.

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