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We began prototype development of Pur-Gard in the late 1990′s, due to an increasing demand and clear need for a sophisticated system cleaner that would clean the resin media and reduce mechanical wear on the appliance.

During the prototype period, our national service division fielded a number of cleaners that worked admirably, such as “Res-Up” and “Pro-Res-Care”, however it was clear that something more sophisticated was needed, especially to support the developing Purafeel technology.

In 1999, in cooperation with our friends at High Technology, we finalized development of Pur-Gard, a systemic cleaner with the following design considerations:



  • Clean ion-exchange resin without damaging structured matrixiStock_000011887082XLargeSmiling Woman Doctor in Hospital Holding Glass of Water
  • Leave a protective coating on metallic movingparts
  • Clean and lubricate all moving components
  • Create an unhealthy environment for bacteria in the system
  • Activate Purafeel technology on compatible systems
  • Catalytically activate self-sanitization on compatible systems


Often imitated, yet never duplicated – Pur-Gard is designed specifically for Intermountain Water Systems, but will work with any softener or conditioner as an extremely effective cleaning agent


Intermountain Water led the water treatment industry in the early 1980′s with the development of “Resin Protector”, a highly effective powder-based cleaner that was able to clean water softeners and reduce precipitate buildup in dual-bed systems.

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